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Why Organizations Use The R2 Group

Everything we do at The R2 Group revolves around assisting owners and managers to accomplish their goals—doing things they need but don’t have the in-house resources to accomplish. We bring value far greater than the cost of our services in every situation—or we won’t do it. We focus on delivering assistance to increase profits and results, and increase peace of mind, through:

  • Being a Chief Financial Strategist to CEO’s, CFO’s and Owners. We bring insight and deliver VALUE through projects, as well as through on-going relationships.
  • Providing Fractional CFO Services. For organizations not large enough to have a full-time CFO we can be on-site one to several days per month to take the lead financial role of accomplishing the organization’s financial goals.
  • Creating a culture that delivers RESULTS tied to your key business issues, and creating that skill in-house to deliver results now, as well as on a Continuous Improvement basis, through Measurable Management®. Measurable Management® is a 10-session workshop we facilitate with Guaranteed Results!
  • Improving Communication, Accountability and Results by making your Strategic Plan a living, interactive tool through The One Page Business Plan®.
  • Facilitating Workshops and Seminars to increase your skills and ability to deliver results to your own organization.